book clubs

I've belonged to book clubs for years, and I love how reading with friends helps me see stories and characters in new ways while also giving me a chance to get out of the house. Let's be honest, we also live in a distracted age, and without the pretext of a group discussion, there are many books I might not have chosen or fully appreciated on my own!

With that in mind, I've created this resource list paired with several of my own recent novels to help readers brainstorming for future meetings.


  • artificial intelligence and the future of relationships (Plum Rains)

  • aging, care of parents (Plum Rains)

  • bad parenting and the legacy of parenting psychology (Behave)

  • scandalous marriages (Behave)

  • immigration and the life of the outsider (Plum Rains)

  • self-sacrifice (Behave, Plum Rains, The Spanish Bow)

  • secrets (Behave, Plum Rains)

  • art, politics and conscience (The Spanish Bow, The Detour)

  • love when you'd least expect it (Plum Rains, The Detour)

discussion questions (click to go to printable PDF)

Plum Rains      Behave      The Detour     The Spanish Bow

author interaction: in 2018 I'm organizing a virtual book club tour and may be available to speak with your group or club via skype or phone. in person visits possible based on location and budget. email me for more information:

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