On Writing


Most of my casual blogging about writing and reading shows up at 49 Writers, the collaborative Alaska literary blog I co-founded with Deb Vanasse in 2008, as well as at Huffington Post.  


At Huffington Post:


on “Stuck Writers, Second Novels, and Empty Boats,” in which I get a chance to enthuse about Mark Salzman, Lionel Shriver, Michael Chabon, and other writers I admire;


on “Hisland and Herland,” my chance to write about Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a utopian feminist writer way ahead of her time;


and on “Why We Write Nazi Books,” my first experience getting hundreds of HuffPo comments — some more lucid than others.


As a teacher of creative writing, I spend a lot of time thinking about role models, learning to write by reading, and what I most want my students to know about the books and authors I love. (And I always hope to hear about the books and authors they love in return.) One of my latest pieces in this vein is “10 Things I Learned As a Writer from Philip Roth,” also at the Huffington Post.


After a year spent intensely re-reading and analyzing The Great Gatsby, I also shared 10 things I learned from that classic novel. 

I love talking about writing, and I love talking about teaching writing. Thanks for checking out my posts and for sharing my love of the written word. 



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